Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tempo Run - kinda

This morning's tempo run didn't exactly go as planned. Granted, selecting a route with the first two miles on a gradual uphill wasn't the smartest move on my part. Still, I was tired tired tired and spent after 3 miles at the slow end of my tempo range (7:44 pace). Rather than exhaust myself trying to hit my planned 5 tempo miles, I cried uncle and cruised for the rest of the run.

To me, this indicates it's time for a step-back week. My mileage hasn't been high, but it still seems that the legs are ready for a bit of relative R&R. The timing is good, since DH is going out of town and a long long-run with the BOB wasn't really feasible anyway. I think I'll spend much of the week playing the "how long can the baby sit in the BOB happily" game. Speaking off... little miss is waking up so off I go =)

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