Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Hill

Last week (Has it already been a week? Oy, better get back to running!) we moved to the East Bay, specifically, a little town called El Cerrito. El Cerrito means "little hill" or "knoll". Ahem, apparently we have different definitions of "little":

Guess how much of that first mile I actually ran. Yeah, almost none. (Note to self: running in a strange city without checking an elevation map is dumb).

There was a group of kids with a lemonade stand at the top of the hill. I only had my emergency $20 with me and they only had $5 change. $15 for lemonade? Yes please, thankyouverymuch. (Note to self: run with smaller bills).

Then I got lost and ended up back home after 8.5 miles instead of 10. After those hills, I wasn't about to run any more. I.was.done. (Note to self: running in a strange city without any map is really dumb).

Hills aside, I do enjoy the process of finding new runs in a new city. Let's hope I do my research a little better from now on. =)

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