Friday, June 3, 2011

Strength Training Baby Style

With DH out of town, I'm improvising my workouts a bit. Today, baby girl and I came up with our own mommy/baby strength training routine.

I've never worked out with sandbags, but I image sandbag workouts are similar to lugging a baby around. A squishy, moving weight is a lot harder to manage then a dumbbell. Baby weighs about 20 lbs right now. So, I was able to get a decent workout. Sine sandbags can't giggle at you, I'll bet the baby version is much more entertaining. Though, sandbags don't need nursing breaks =)

Here's our workout using some baby specific modifications to typical exercises. I did 2-3 sets of each.

Squats: (8 reps) Stand holding baby. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to starting position.

Press: (8 reps) Hold baby, under her arms, in front of your chest. Raise baby above your head until your arms are straight. Return to starting position.

Step-ups: (8 reps, each leg) Stand holding baby with one foot on chair. Raise yourself up to standing on the chair, on that foot. Lower back to starting position.

Push-Up*: (8 reps) Standard push-up.

Reverse Wood-Chop: (8 reps, each side) Stand holding baby, under her arms, with baby next to the outside of your left knee. Raise baby across your body and up, until you're holding baby as high as possible and to the right. Return baby to starting position.

Plank: (as long as possible) Hold the plank position (back straight, forearms and toes on the ground) while baby uses you as support for pulling up =)

Russian Twist: (8 reps, to each side) Sit with feet off the floor, back straight. Move baby from side to side while trying to keep your torso still.

Dips*: (8 reps) With your back to a chair, support yourself with arms straight, palms on the chair and heels, straight out, on the floor. Bend elbows to lower yourself until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Raise yourself to the starting position.

* these exercises don't use the baby =)

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