Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pregnant Running & Back Pain

Back Pain in Pregnancy; Lumbar (A) & Pelvic (B) source

Nice picture, huh? For my first pregnancy I was blissfully back pain free until the 9th month. I knew I was lucky. So, I realize that I'm 'due' for my share this time around. It's option 'B', above, that's giving me a hard time.

Perhaps it's because my first labor was a long back labor (wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy), or just because my hips have already 'spread' before (thanks, Relaxin); but the last month or so I've been feeling some pretty annoying sacrum pain, especially while/after running.

Naturally, I turned to Google for help. Here's what I learned in my thorough 2 minute search (source):
Pregnancy Pelvic Pain
Posterior pelvic pain in pregnancy can extend down into the buttock and upper portion of the posterior (in back of) thighs, and does not usually radiate below the knees. It can be associated with pubic pain. The pain does not quickly resolve with rest, and morning stiffness may also be present.
Posterior pelvic pain during pregnancy can be brought on or exacerbated by the following activities:
  • Rolling in bed
  • Climbing stairs
  • Sitting and rising from a seated position (such as getting in and out of cars, bathtubs, bed)
  • Lifting, twisting, bending forward
  • Running and walking.
Unlike many other forms of lower back pain in pregnancy, a previous high level of fitness does not necessarily prevent posterior pelvic pain while pregnant.

So, basically, I've learned that:
  1. Yes, it hurts
  2. Being in shape before pregnancy doesn't help
  3. Running makes it worse
  4. Rest doesn't necessarily help any
Wonderful. Well, the only option I see is to stop complaining (consider this rant the end of it!) and suck it up. Dan Wieden was a genius when he coined the Nike slogan: "Just Do It!"  =)


  1. Isn't that how so many things in pregnancy seem? "Yep.. just deal with it."

    Good luck, I hope you get some relief!

  2. My wife Annie has been complaining of back pain too, and guess what, I've searched the net and probably stumbled on the same source as you. So far, I've accompanied her for her morning walk ritual, no running yet, bed rolling. No significant results yet, but we're there. You got a nice blog. Kudos!

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