Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cleared for Exercise!

Today, 3.5 weeks post-delivery, the midwife cleared me for a return to exercise, yay!

I tried running a few times in the previous weeks, but clearly wasn't ready yet. Hopefully, when I try again tonight, everything well go (more) smoothly =)

Honestly, I find getting back into shape after pregnancy to be a fairly frustrating experience. It's quite depressing to start back at ground zero fitness-wise. This time, especially, I have a lot of ground to make up since I stopped exercising much earlier in pregnancy. At least my weight gain/loss is comparable to my previous pregnancies:

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Of the ~24lbs I gained this time around I still have ~9lbs left to lose. It could be worse. Fortunately, I know from experience that as slow as the process may seem, getting back into shape, even better shape, is possible. My marathon PR happened when my first was 10 months old =)

So, it's time to make a plan and get to work. I really want to sign up for a race (half or full marathon) to help motivate me. I made a pact with myself that I have to get up to at least a few 30+ mile weeks before I can do that, though. So, my first goal will be getting some base fitness back. Let the fun begin!