Sunday, July 25, 2010

Support System

So far, my weight gain has averaged 0.9 lbs per week since the 1st trimester, putting me nicely on track for a little over 25 lbs wight gain (19 lbs so far).

While that extra weight is all well and good for baby, this week my abdomen muscles seemed to start objecting to the extra weight their holding up. On my Tue/Wed/Fri runs I had what I'd normally describe as side stitches, only that the poor muscles having them are now several inches displaced from my side where they used to be.

Since I'd never consider running without a sports bra, it occurred to me that a support belt for my belly may help. So, over lunch on Friday I hopped over to a nearby maternity store to pick one up. Easy, right?

Little did I know that, like most other pregnancy/baby related purchases, the vast array of options and price ranges made even this seemingly innocuous purchase complicated. Completely unprepared, I was faced with a wall of options with everything from this $80 contraption (can you imagine running in that?) to the more reasonable $20 variety.

Eventually, I ended up with this basic number from Motherhood Maternity*. The hubby was nice enough to accompany me this afternoon on a test run and, so far, the results are favorable. Right now, any run discomfort free is a good run.

*Note: I have not been asked to review this product.

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