Monday, July 5, 2010


Since living in Pasadena, one of my favorite runs has been a round-trip to the Rose Bowl. I travel 3.5 miles through some decent neighborhoods and, once there, the 5k loop around the Rose Bowl offers frequent access to water fountains, restrooms and motivation from all the other runners/walkers out enjoying the day. All in all, it's the perfect long run scenario.

The last few months, I've been a little nervous to make the trip... even the shortest 7 mile there-and-back version. Facing a whole 3.5 miles with out a restroom and the two formidable hills I'd have to tackle has kept me closer to home.

This morning, however, felt like the day. Whether it was last night's fireworks at the Rose Bowl, the perfect 60 degree & overcast weather or sheer bliss from having the day off of work, I headed out with the Rose Bowl as my destination. While not my fastest trip ever, the 7 mile loop really was enjoyable this morning. It was refreshing to be a little further from home and other runners offered encouraging smiles as I huffed along. I found myself doing an impression of the Little Engine Who Could (I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can) up the steepest hill (felt those extra 16 lbs then!). Other then that, is was smooth sailing and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, in fact, I could.

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