Sunday, July 18, 2010

Veterans Parkway

This week got away from me a bit. Between early morning meetings and high afternoon temperatures it was difficult to get some decent runs in. So, recognizing that I wasn't going to be hitting my usual (pregnancy) target of 15 miles per week, I decided to focus on enjoying today's run and headed down south to Veterans Parkway in Manhattan Beach.

I work near Manhattan Beach and, consequently, do a lot of my mid-week morning runs here. Veterans Parkway is a lovely, 3.75 mile long stretch of old railway bed converted into a wood chip running/walking path. In LA, any routes that get me away from traffic are exceptional, and this easy-on-the-legs wood chip path has the added benefit of ample water fountains and close proximity to the beach. Often, running buddies and I will run out on the chips and return on the beach. All-in-all, it's a wonderful running combo.

This morning, only feeling up to 3 miles or so, I brought the dogs down with me to give them a little change of scenery as well. My running partners were gracious enough to do 3 slow miles with us before continuing on to finish their usual 9 miles. Now back in the oven that is Pasadena in the summer, I am very glad to have had such a refreshing start to my day.

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