Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Running Partners

When I first looked into adopting retired racing greyhounds, part of my motivation was to gain some good running partners. Further into my research, I discovered that greys don't actually make the best joggers... they're sprinters at heart and don't have the hearty endurance of other similar-sized breeds. All other characteristics of this breed, however, made them the perfect dog for us. So, the two lovely dogs you see above joined our household and my running routine, if only for the slower, short recovery runs.

An unexpected, wonderful side effect of my altered running routine is that the dogs can join me for more and more of my 'runs'. While sometimes irritating, their frequent pee/sniff breaks are good also, since they force me to take it easy. Even better, as they get used to going with me, they want to go more and more... helping to keep me motivated! I, on the other hand, still have not been able to join them for their 5min, 40mph sprints around the local baseball field.

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