Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marathon Training Envy

In May, for DH's birthday, I committed the cardinal sin of gift-giving; I gave him something I really wanted for myself: entry into the 2012 San Francisco Marathon. Come race day, July 29th, I'll be 8 1/2 months preggo. While I'd love to do this race again (I PR'ed there last year and had my most enjoyable marathon experience to date! (report here)) the closest I'll get is living it vicariously through DH.

In defense of my poor gift-giving, DH has been making noises about wanting to do a marathon for years. I knew, and he admits, that if I didn't go ahead and sign him up he probably would never have done it himself. Since we ran a half marathon together at the end of May (Pasadena half, report here), it seemed like a good spring-board into full marathon training.

That brings us to this weekend, and why I'm jealous. This morning DH completed one of my favorite training runs, through the Berkeley hills and then up/down the East Bay waterfront trail. In fact, it's such a nice run and he was feeling so good that he did 20 miles instead of the planned 18 miles. Man, was I jealous as he glowed from his long-run-high all afternoon!

Of course, I'm super proud of him and how far he has come with his running! He has never been much of a runner and now he seems to be 'getting' what is so great about it (for me at least). The long, quite, beautiful morning runs to yourself are therapeutic in a special kind of way. I can't wait until I'm no longer restricted to two-mile loops around the neighborhood for reliable bathroom access =)

What I really need right now is something new to make me accountable. With some recent travel on DH's part, a busy work schedule of my own, and no real goal in sight my running has been suffering terribly. So, I'm giving myself a realistic but still challenging goal (challenging at this point, anyway) to run 20 miles this week. It's completely arbitrary to set such a number target, but I bet it will help get me out the door!

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