Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joggermom Marathon: Complete!

All Done!

The toddler and I completed our BOB marathon tonight with our 7th run. Yipee! Above, she models proper post-marathon re-hydration =)

Ready to get this race finished!

Our run tonight was not a very long run, but was just what we needed to reach our goal. The toddler wasn't up for much running; I don't blame her after Sunday's six-miler. So, we headed straight for a local park where she could get busy playing.

I'm so glad that we completed our Joggermom Marathon miles with the jogging stroller. It really motivated us to get out there more together and, as a result, we had some beautiful, fun-filled outings that otherwise would have been just boring car trips. Perhaps we can make this a monthly goal. We'll see how the pregnancy goes!

Joggermom Marathon Run 7

Race medal!
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