Thursday, May 3, 2012

Joggermom Virtual Marathon - sign me up!

Joggermom is hosting a virtual marathon during the month of May. It's an easy concept; run 26.2 miles anytime, in any increments, during the month of May and you're a winner! What an awesome idea! Why haven't I heard of this before? (thanks, JillWillRun!)

I have done virtual races in the past and always loved them. They're cheap ($15 in this case), provide extra motivation to get out there and often, as with this race, come with an entry to receive awesome prizes!

Any miles run during the month of May count. Since I'm still running well (17 miles May 1-3 already!) I've decided to 'up-the-ante' for myself and attempt to only use BOB Stroller miles to complete my virtual marathon. So, baby toddler girl and I will be doing a whole marathon together! (in bits and pieces, of course =)).

As I mentioned, this race comes with a chance to win some awesome prizes, including...
  • B.O.B. Revolution SE Single Stroller ($449.00 value)
  • Baby Jogger FIT Single Stroller ($299.99 value)
  • Mountain Buggy Terrain Single Stroller ($499.99 value)
  • Bumbleride Indie Movement Single Stroller (529.99 value)
...and much more. Since you need proof of having covered the distance to be eligible for the prizes, expect many blog posts over the next month showing the progress made by the toddler and me!

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  1. You're welcome! And I love the way you've upped the challenge! Such a good idea.

    Are you getting a double stroller for after baby #2 comes? :-)