Thursday, May 10, 2012

Joggermom Marathon: Part 2

Tonight the toddler and I headed out for installment #2 of our Joggermom Marathon. Again, we're trying to only use BOB stroller miles towards our marathon!

Ready to 'Race'

 My little passenger was more interested in her race number than the run itself. Not surprisingly, the race number (and her socks & shoes) didn't survive the run intact. No one was left behind though =)

All Done 

Oh yeah, that's some running mama sexiness right there. I'm back to wearing the support belt this week (26 weeks preggo). With pregnancy #1 I made it past 30 weeks before I needed some extra 'help'. Sigh, I hate preggo running. At least there are fun little events like this one to help keep me motivated!

Joggermom Marathon Run 2

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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing!
    Kelly at Joggermom Marathon