Thursday, June 21, 2012

Does this make my bump look big?

In truth, there are few good things about preggo running. You're slow, you're uncomfortable, but it's usually worth it because you feel good afterward.

One good thing, though, is getting cute new running clothes =) If you have to be out there with a basketball shoved under your shirt, may as well dress it up!

My new maternity running skirt!*

I love running skirts when non-preggo and the maternity ones are no exception. They are quite expensive, though. Fortunately, I scored the one above for 50% off!

Running: I don't have anything super exciting to report re. preggo running right now. I'm just plodding along. I do still hope to hit my 20 mile goal for the week, though!

*I don't know why the dogs were so excited. In the picture I had just gotten home from a run. So, they can't have thought that they were getting to go somewhere =)

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