Friday, June 29, 2012


What a beautiful trail!

I did not, technically, get my target of 20 miles running last week. When DH and I headed out for a 9 mile run on Sunday morning, I knew about 1 mile into it that it just wasn't one of those running days. I just was not feeling it. Oh well. Rather then scrap the whole outing (we had a beautiful route planed) we turned it into a 9 mile walk instead. Does that still count? =)

Our run walk was so beautiful because we are visiting upstate New York. We'll be moving here in about 6 months and took this week for an initial house hunting/pre-baby get-away trip.

With all of the house hunting related walking, I haven't been doing much running on top of it. So, no mileage target for this week. DH has been doing *GREAT* with his marathon training, though, and is still on track!

All of a sudden, at 33 weeks preggo (which isn't that far along), I feel HUGE. Sigh, I may be hitting the run-to-walk transition much earlier with this pregnancy (ran until ~38 weeks the first time around).

I have gained about 6 pounds less so far in this pregnancy and am measuring a little smaller (by two cm). So, I was confused why I feel so much worse. It occurred to me today, though, that there are likely two reasons contributing to my general discomfort:

1. Between caring for the toddler, busy work, and travel/house-hunting, I just haven't been resting properly
2. Thanks to already destroyed ab muscles from pregnancy #1, I think I'm carrying a little lower; thus increasing pressure and discomfort.

Whatever the cause, I'm just going to try and rest, relax, and do the best I can! If that means more walking and less running, eh, I'm okay with that.

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  1. Go Lindsey! I am *always* so impressed with your athleticism, preggo or no.