Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Jogging Stroller Day

I'm no expert at keeping a baby happy in a jogging stroller; clearly, just see my post from last Friday: link. I am, however, improving with practice. DH is out of town again, this time for almost two weeks. So, if I want any running over the weekends I have to keep my little passenger happy as well.

My Little Passenger (5 mo (left) and 17 mo (right))*

Baby girl has never been a huge fan of the jogging stroller. Initially, she was colic, so, she didn't like much of anything =) Once she outgrew that, she was old enough to want to be entertained! Still, we have managed to have some great runs together and she still happily gets in the stroller whenever I want to take her so, I can't be doing everything wrong**.

Today, we had a jogging stroller afternoon, instead of just a run. I got in just over five miles, but it was very broken up. Being pregnant, it isn't like I'm heartbroken that my workout was easier. More importantly, little miss had a good time the whole way! Here's how it went.

  • 1.5 miles to park: We headed to one of our favorite parks. Unfortunately, it was completely overrun by little-league monsters, ahem, boys, running around like crazies... even on the toddler equipment. Baby girl was too afraid to even let me put her down, let along try playing in that mayhem. So, we Plan B'ed it.
  • 0.5 miles to less fun but blissfully empty park.
  • 1 mile to Trader Joe's. We bought some lunch food and had a little picnic while little miss ran around some more. She was happy/full/exhausted in no time.
  • 2+ miles home. She barely complained the whole way. That is not too surprising, since she was busy eating a peach =)
I would like to get in some more miles tomorrow. Hopefully, she'll remember today's run fondly and happily let me put her in the jogger again!

* as if it's difficult to determine the chronological order of these pictures.
** getting in happily is one thing, staying happy for any amount of time is completely different!

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