Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunset BOB Run

Point Isabel: credit

I have been wanting to do a sunset run all week in the worst way. With sunset finally closer to 6pm then 5pm, I hate missing the opportunity of running during this beautiful time of day. There are many advantages to living in the East Bay. Beautiful runs at sunset with a view of the water and Golden Gate Bridget is among my favorite.

Unfortunately, DH has been out of town and baby girl is not very happy around this time of night. She usually goes to bed around 6pm (I know, how lucky are we?) and is too cranky from about 5:30pm on to sit in the stroller.

Last night, though, it was finally too beautiful for me to pass up. 'The baby can make it through a 3-miler', I told myself. I even had my secret baby pleasing weapon with me, a sucker. So, with my fingers crossed, we headed to Point Isabel for some quality scenic time.

Right away, she wasn't too pleased. Warily, I gave her the sucker right at the beginning of the run... usually a sucker buys me at least 20 min of happy baby riding. Baby girl turned into a viper though, and instead of quietly 'sucking' her treat, she chewed the darn thing! I got maybe 10 minutes of peace before she was fretting to get out of there. Sigh.

An apple got me 5 more minutes of peace (to our turn around point) and then there was nothing to do but run back to the car ASAP as she did her best David Copperfield impression to try and get out of the stroller straps. (By the time we were at the car, both arms were free and she was trying to get her legs through the strap at her waist. Not possible, of course, but she was determined!)

Ah well, that's the give-and-take of parenthood. At least I got to enjoy the sunset... even if I did wish I had brought some music with me to drown out the baby complaining.*

*Apologies to all other walkers/joggers/bike riders who had to deal with my fussy baby's noise. My bad.

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