Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tilden Park 'Trail' Run

Yesterday, baby girl and I completed a beautiful 'trail' run in Tilden Park. I qualify 'trail' because, since we had the BOB stroller, we used the paved trail, Nimitz Way.

View from Nimitz Way trail: credit

I'm disappointed in myself for forgetting the camera, since this trail is sooooo beautiful. With DH out of town, though, it's a miracle I managed to get there with baby girl and enough treats to keep her happy during the run!

My original plan was to take baby girl to the Lawrence Hall of Science and wear her out so she would sleep during the run and I could do the full 8 miles of the trail (4 out, 4 back).

Things started out right on target. We had a great time at the Hall of Science. It doesn't hurt that, as a UC Berkeley employee, we got in free! Baby girl was definitely tired and had a great lunch before we headed to the trail. So, I though I was set for a wonderful, peaceful run.

Unfortunately, stubborn baby girl wouldn't fall asleep! I shouldn't have expected otherwise, really. She hasn't fallen asleep in the stroller since she was 4 months old and could sit upright in them. The world is just too exciting and we were in such a beautiful location!

So, my run was peppered with a stream of baby commentary and lost item retrieval (socks, shoes, hat, blanket, sippy cups, and snacks all narrowly avoided being left behind!). Since she was up, I cut the run short to six miles. It was still wonderful to be out on such a beautiful day and in such a wonderful location!

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