Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Second Trimester, I Heart You

I love having babies. I do not love being pregnant. If I must be pregnant, however, I definitely want to be in the second  trimester!

I am 17 weeks now and feeling so much better then a few weeks ago. It is amazing to me how quickly things turn around after the first trimester; and then, of course, how quickly they get uncomfortable again in the third trimester. Here are my favorite things about the second trimester:

  • Exercise feels good! While this is completely relative and not very good in a global sense, I am so happy to have had 20+ miles running the last few weeks. Last week, over half of those miles were with the BOB, so, quality baby time too! I rolled through the first trimester with *maybe* 10 miles a week and even that felt miserable. 
  • Bladder pressure relief, whew. With things 'up and out', I can finally sleep through the night again and run longer then 2 miles without a potty break.
  • Vegetables are yummy again. During the first trimester, I couldn't stand much of anything that wasn't a simple carbohydrate, ugh. Now, not only can I tolerate salads and vegetables again, I actually crave them.
  • Exhaustion has let up, hurray! While I still need more sleep and rest than when non-preggo, I no longer lose entire Sunday afternoons to a *quick* catnap. I can also stay up past 9 pm again. So, I have some free-time back.
I plan to do everything I can to enjoy this second trimester while it lasts. I am even eyeballing a half marathon around 20 weeks. Last time around, I stopped running the half at 14 weeks, so, I'm not sure I'll feel up to it. If things go well, though, I'm going to take advantage of it!

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