Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vacation is the best!

Post run silliness =)

I'm currently on a ten-day vacation with baby girl in WI, visiting Grandparents. Love being on vacation! It's wonderful watching baby girl play with others, I get to spend all day with her (yay!) and I've been getting some wonderful mid-day runs in.

A wonderful addition has been made to the area since I graduated from high school: the Ozaukee County Interurban Trail.  I can pick up this wonderfully maintained, paved trail (running along a railroad track) less than a mile from my parent's house. 

Ozaukee County Interurban Trail

This trail, 30 miles long, is a beautiful way to traverse this part of Wisconsin. For the most part, it's away from the road and has safe bridges for crossing most busy roads - and the Milwaukee River! I really wish I was in good enough shape to run the length of it! In my preggo state, though, I'll settle for ~8 miles =)

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