Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 6 and 7 - San Francisco Marathon Training - On the Mend

Every marathon training plan has its challenges. These last few weeks were, 'hopefully', the most challenging in this cycle. Unfortunately, that may not be the case since I still have to move and start new job before the SFM in July!

Week 5 and 6 (5 miles and 24 miles, respectively) were pretty much destroyed thanks to the great ear infection of 2011. Last week, week 7, I was finally feeling better but took it easy with 3 3-milers and one 7 mile run. I even got in a strength training workout! Two travel days (to a wedding, yay!) made getting the long run in almost impossible, though.

With 11 weeks to go, I'm looking forward instead of lamenting my poor training the last 3 weeks. Realistically, I of course need to adjust my training plan now that I'm so far off. There is still plenty of time to get in some quality preparation, though. Also, this Thursday is my last day of work and I'll have a few weeks at home (presumably, preparing to move) when I should be able to get some good runs in. Fingers crossed =)

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