Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pregnancy Week 20 Workout Summary

So, I made it to day 21 of my Every.Single.Day challenge. Did a habit form?


In fact, I took the next two days off. The problem? Argh, the return of evil pregnancy back pain. I posted about this in my last pregnancy. It was as awful then as it is now; only then I had one more month before it became an issue. I'm definitely on a negative learning curve with this one!

Week 20 Workout Summary

All of those miles were slow walking on the treadmill and all were uncomfortable. Most days last week I was hobbling just walking around the house.

I'm feeling better after two days of just resting and stretching (turns out the yoga pigeon pose is good for something!) so fingers crossed that I'll get in some actual runs this week =)

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