Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Momentum lost, Pregnancy Week 21 Fail

Tricky thing, momentum. When you've got it, it keeps you going. Once lost, though, it's a terrible pain to get back!

Pregnancy Week 21 Workout Summary: ONE 3 mile walk - that's it! Ugh!

As hard as it is, I just HAVE to go back to my Every.Single.Day plan. I just don't get on the treadmill, otherwise! Starting today - GAME ON.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Check in: This is not my favorite part of pregnancy (is there a favorite part?), but it's necessary and going well:

Week 21 Weight Gain So Far

I'm not nearly as active this pregnancy as I was during my 2nd. I ran half marathons at 4.5 and 6 months that time! More or less, though, I'm right on track for my 'target' weight gain, so things are looking good!

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