Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Knowing vs. Understanding

Two weeks ago I discovered first hand just how hilly my little town is. So, when I planned tonight's run I had a rough idea of what I was getting myself into. I even checked some maps online that gave the rough grade of the roads. I knew about how high I was going and, thus, how far I was coming down. I knew, but I didn't understand.

Not the smartest thing I have ever done.
Thoughts along the route:
  1. No worries, you did this hill already. A little walking is okay, just get up there.
  2. Um, this is steep. There are even stairs for some sections. More walking. Well, up we go (slowly).
  3. Whew, done. Now for the good part.
  4. Not good, not good! OMG, this is actually too steep to run! If I fell, I'd roll for a mile before I could stop. This is a residential street; what are these people thinking living here?
  5. I should really carry my insurance card while running.
  6. Thank goodness, I'm alive.
  7. Ha, last week I thought this was a big hill.
8.5 miles later (10:18 pace, oy) I was just sooo relieved to be home. Now I'm relaxing with my second Clif Bar of the day (seriously, these are just fancy cookies). I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow!

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