Monday, February 7, 2011

And the Next Marthon is....

I have finally been able to choose my next marathon, and it's the San Francisco Marathon on July 31, 2011!

We have been planning a move to an, until last week, undetermined location. So, I was unable to choose my 'marathon comeback' until family logistics were decided. Last week, the final location of our move was determined and I'm so so so excited that it's to a city I love, San Francisco!

I spent most of 2002 living in the Bay Area and have always wanted to get back there. At the time, I was a student taking time off from school for an extended internship. Now, I'll be there with my husband, baby and two dogs! This city is so beautiful and I can't wait to start re-discovering what I love most about it and finding new things to enjoy.

To that end, my very first action upon our final decision was to register for the SF Marathon, embracing the move in full. What a wonderful way this will be to see the different areas of the city, and motivate me to find plenty of new running routes for training once we get there! Also, at 25 weeks away, this race gives me ample time to finish up my strength building phase and then hit marathon training with full force.

Right now, I'm only logging about 20-25 miles a week, but the strength training is going wonderfully and I'm pretty much completely back in shape. I even hit my pre-pregnancy weight last week. So, let the adventure of the marathon come-back begin!

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