Monday, October 28, 2013

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Here I go again!

I have never been one to stress too much about my weight. In fact, it hasn't been a very good indicator of my overall fitness. When I'm 'in shape' I tend to weigh 5-10 lbs more thanks to increased muscle density. There is something daunting, however, about facing this upcoming curve again:

My pregnancy weight gain

Both of my first two pregnancies fell close to the recommended range (I'm starting at a 'normal' BMI). With the first I was right on track. With the second, I worried that I wasn't gaining enough (I was crazy-busy taking care of a toddler and didn't rest or eat like I did with the first pregnancy). All turned out well, though, with a healthy and even larger baby! Even though I gained less weight the second time, it took just as long before I was back to per-pregnancy weight (4 months).

So, I suppose the moral of the story is that I should just relax and let things take their course. If anything really goes off track I'm sure my Dr./midwife (still debating which way to go this time) will let me know!

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