Friday, May 10, 2013

BOB Run with the Girls!

My running buddies*

The last few weeks the weather has been warm enough for me to get out and run some with the girls. We're really enjoying our outings!

Pushing the double BOB is no small feat. For my sanity, and the girls', we've only been doing 3ish mile runs. We have a good routine where we play at a park for a little while and then do a short jog before going home. Running is a lot quieter if the toddler has spent her energy (and is ready for a snack!) and the baby is ready for a nap.

I am very glad that I decided on the double SUS model, instead of the Ironman model. When I was using the single Ironman BOB with the toddler we absolutely loved it. At the time we were living in an area where all of our running was on nicely paved surfaces, though. Several of the trails I have been taking the SUS on are packed gravel instead of pavement. Those treads make a huge difference!

* The baby wasn't unhappy until we stopped moving. I think she likes the running almost as much as I do!

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