Friday, April 5, 2013

Run in the Woods

I ran 10 miles today! Outside! 50% on trails!

So glad to be out there =)

This is, of course, not really a news-worthy event (like everything else on here!). There are a few reasons, though, why this run made me extra happy:
1. With my recent cross-county move and two little kiddos distracting me, my return to running has been much slower after this last pregnancy then I would have liked.*
2. Per the kiddos, again, and my husband's busy travel schedule, almost all of my running the last few months has been on the treadmill (which I am loving, however, blah)
3. It is just so darn beautiful outside!

The last time I ran on this particular trail was last June when we were out house-hunting. I couldn't exactly 'run' since I was 7.5 months pregnant and it's a pretty hilly route (link). That made this morning's run, on Ithaca's South Hill Recreation Way, even more enjoyable - I could actually run the whole thing!

Beautiful Trail

Wonderful views of the forest

Icing on the cake was that today I did the run from our home! I'm now living in this beautiful, non-crowded, relatively affordable place that I love! Hopefully many more runs will be following soon!

* Happily, I've been running ~20 miles a week for the last 6 weeks or so. I feel a training plan just around the corner!

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