Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time to train!

I'm currently nursing my second upper respiratory infection of the month, both viral; this one is a bonus with an ear infection. It seems I got hit with either the cold or flu first and now, when my immune system was down for the count, RSV. Both kids also had it last week, while their dad was out of town. Awesome.

This is by no means tragic; I'm just so sorry to see my long-awaited treadmill sitting mostly idle. I'm going to try a walk tonight and see how that goes. Hopefully running will re-commence soon.

I may be back to pre-pregnancy weight (took 4.5 months, just like with the first one) but I'm no where near pre-pregnancy shape =). I'm giving myself the next 3 weeks, give or take, to get up to 20-30 miles per week. Then it will be time to look at an actually training plan. I don't think I'll be very accountable until I pick a plan to follow!

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