Friday, October 1, 2010

Finding my inner OM

Life with a newborn is wonderful, fascinating and stressful. Life with out exercise is just stressful. I made it 11 days.

I know, I need the rest. I also, however, need at least a little exercise. A mom going through endorphin withdrawal is not a happy mom.

So on Wednesday, the newborn safely deposited with the grandparents, I made my way to the post-natal yoga class. Let me just say, pure bliss. It was exactly what I needed to work out some lingering stiffness. The instructor was very attentive to me, knowing I was only ~2 weeks post delivery, and helped me modify a few of the poses to make them easier. An hour and a half away from my adorable yet extremely dependent baby didn't hurt either. I returned a much happier, healthier mommy =)

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