Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post "Race" Recovery

My baby girl finally arrived!

Noelle Marie
11:03 am, September 18, 2010
8 pounds, 8 ounces

Meeting Mom

Marathons are tough. For those of us non-elites, usually two weeks of complete (or near complete) rest is recommended to recover from a marathon effort. Is there any parallel to labor recovery?

Our labor certainly was a marathon... 2 1/2 days of back labor. Thankfully, we avoided a c-section which, at one point, seemed inevitable. With a marathon, however, you exit the event in peak physical form, ready for a well deserved break. Most new mothers probably have the same reaction I did after seeing their apparently still 6-month pregnant post-delivery belly... when can I exercise again and get rid of this?!?

I had an average pregnancy weight gain of 30 lbs, with 14 lbs lost in delivery. So 16 lbs and an unmeasurable amount of lost muscle tone are my new enemies =) Realistically, of course, I will be taking the considerable time needed to recover before picking up running again. Will it be two weeks... six weeks... who knows? Right now, I'm relaxing, taking walks and enjoying my baby girl.

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