Monday, September 3, 2012

I went for a run!

Two weeks post delivery, I finally made it out for a run! Yay!

It was only two miles; there was no 'timing' involved and there was some walking. That's okay, though, I'll go easy on myself. After all, I haven't run in two months and I was pushing this:

First run post baby and first run with the new BOB SUS stroller!

I'll do a review of the new stroller once we have had some more miles together. I will say now, though; that's a lot of baby + stroller weight to be pushing =) It's a strength training workout and a cardio workout all in one!

The road ahead: I have actually felt 'good enough' to try running for a bit now, but imposed a two-week mandated rest on myself before giving it a go. The last few days were particularly tempting, since the new stroller had arrived early and was all ready to go.

I'll try a 'real' run (sans stroller) over the next few days to get an idea of how I'm really feeling. After so much time off (an extra month than with my first pregnancy) I'm sure my return to fitness will be frustratingly slow. Having made it back from pregnancy ruin once, and even PRing in the marathon, I know that it's possible and all I need is a little patience. So, I'll just try to enjoy each (very slow) BOB run with the girls and know that I'll get there eventually =)

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