Sunday, July 29, 2012

We're now a marathon family!

DH completed his first marathon this morning! Congratulations, honey =)

Happy to see 'Dada' at the finish!

With that, we're officially a marathon family. He didn't think it was that bad; he even said he'd do one with me in the future Yay!

While I was a little sad to not be running, it was actually a lot of fun spectating with little miss. We went and saw her daddy at mile 21 before taking the BART back to the finish and meeting up with him there. Poor little girl didn't understand what was going on and was sooo upset when daddy ran away after visiting with her at his mile 21 'pit stop'. She was very happy once reunited with him at the finish.

Looking at this picture I think two things. 1) Yay, congratulations! and 2) Holly cow, did my little girl really grow that much in just one year? I know kids grow fast, but geez! At last year's finish she was definitely just a baby. Perhaps one day she'll do a marathon and then we'll really have the family in the game =)

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